Crime Rate in Punjab

In the year 2016, a total of 57739 incidents of crimes were reported in Punjab. The crime rate in Punjab was recorded at 197.7, which is calculated as the number of incidents of crime per one lakh of population. This is the total number of IPC & SLL congnizable crimes according to the figures released by NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau). According to crime rate, Punjab ranked 24th amongst all the states and UTs in India. A low rank is a good indicator for the state as it means that so many states/UTs are ahead of Punjab in the rate of crimes. The average crime rate in India for the same year was 379.3. The following table shows the number of different type of violet crimes in the state during the year 2016:
Crime Rate in Punjab (Violent Crimes)
Crime TypeIncidents
Culpable Homicide Not Amounting To Murder120
Dowry Deaths80
Attempt to Commit Murder862
Attempt to Commit Culpable Homicide59
Grievous Hurt2213
Kidnapping & Abduction1591
Attempt to Commit Rape95
Total (Violent Crimes)6909

Persons Arrested in 2016

During the whole year, a total number of 65725 persons were arrested for various crimes. Out of these arrested persons, 44037 were arrested for IPC (Indian Penal Code) crimes and 21688 were arrested for SLL crimes. More than 80% of the arrested persons were between 18 and 45 years of age. The number of arrested persons according to age group is:

Road Accidents in Punjab

According to the figures released by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, a total of 6952 accidents were reported in Punjab during the year 2016. In these accidents, a total of 5077 persons were killed, 2894 people were greviously injured and 1457 persons got minor injuries.
A total of 3541 cases of deaths due to rash/negligent driving were registered and there were 4153 victims in these accidents. The number of complaints registered for Causing Simple & Grevious injuries by rash driving/act (Sec. 337 & 338 of IPC) was 2576.
In the country, more than 1.5 lakh precious lives were lost in the road accidents occured during the year.