GDP and Per Capita Income of Punjab

This page provides information about per capita income of Punjab, GDP of Punjab, contribution of various sectors like agriculture and manufacturing in the GDP of state and the change in these figures during past few years. A brief comparison of these figures with some of the other states of India and the national average is also given. All the figures presented here are according to the data released by Economic and Statistical Organisation, Punjab. The page is divided into following two sections:

GDP of Punjab

The gross domestic product or GDP of Punjab is 3.68 Lakh Crore (368010 Crore or 3680 Billion) at cureent prices for the year 2014-15. The net state domestic product for the same year is 3.33 lakh crore and the per capita net state domestic product is 1,14,561. The following table shows the figures at the current prices (2014-15).
GDP Category2014-152013-142012-132011-12
Gross State Domestic Product (In Rs. Crores)368010334714297733266628
Net State Domestic Product (In Rs. Crores)332998301672267116239226
Per Capita Net State Domestic Product (In Rs.)1145611051439431885577
NOTE: The correct term is Gross State Domestic Product or GSDP, not GDP. But as the common people mostly use the word GDP, so we are using the same term for the ease of understanding of common man.

Sector Wise GDP of Punjab

The gross state domestic product is classified into three main categories - primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary sector includes agriculture, livestock, forestry & logging, fishing, mining and quarrying. The contribution of this sector is 27.41 percent. The contribution of secondary sector is 23.30% and it includes manufacturing, electricity, gas, water supply & other utility services and construction. The tertiary sector mainly includes services and these are categorized as trade, hotels & restaurants, transport, storage & communication services, financial services, real estate, public administration and other services. The contribution of this sector is 49.29%.
The following graph shows the contribution of different sectors in the GDP of state:
Sector wise distribution of GDP of Punjab

Per Capita Income of Punjab

The per capita income of Punjab is 92350 according to the figures at current prices for the year 2013-14. This figure is satisfactory when compared with the all India average, which is 74380. But the state, which was once a leading state in terms of per capita income, is now far behind from many other states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, Kerala, Uttarakhand etc. The following graph shows the per capita income of Punjab and the other major states of India. Per capita income of Punjab