Indian Geography Quiz

This quiz on Indian geography will help you to know your country better. There is very useful information about the geography of India, presented in a very simple manner. You will find these questions interesting and helpful to improve your GK about India's geography. These questions are prepared for common Indians, not specifically for exams.
Which is the longest bridge in India?
A) Bandra Worli Sea Link
B) Mahatma Gandhi Setu
C) Dhola-Sadia Bridge
D) Arrah-Chhapra Bridge
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Which city is known by the nickname 'Religious Capital of India'?
A) Bodhgaya
B) Haridwar
C) Mathura
D) Varanasi
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Which wildlife sanctuary is home to Asiatic Lions?
A) Corbett Sanctuary
B) Kaziranga National Park
C) Gir Forest and Wildlife Sanctuary
D) Bandipur National Park
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Which of the following is known as Golden City of India and why?
A) Jaisalmer for Yellow Sand
B) Jaisalmer for Gold Mines
C) Jodhpur for Yellow Sand
D) Jodhpur for Gold Mines
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Which is the highest dam in India?
A) Krishnarajasagar Dam
B) Bhakra Dam
C) Tehri Dam
D) Mettur Dam
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According to population, which is the smallest state of India?
A) Sikkim
B) Mizoram
C) Goa
D) Tripura
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Which national park of India is famous for one-horned Rhinoceros?
A) Corbett National Park
B) Kaziranga National Park
C) Gir National Park
D) Bandipur National Park
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India shares longest international border with which of the following country?
A) Nepal
B) Bangladesh
C) China
D) Pakistan
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India is located between which latitudinal coordinates?
A) 68°7' E and 97°25' E
B) 8°4' N to 37°6' N
C) 8°4' S to 37°6' S
D) 68°7' W and 97°25' W
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How many states of India share boundry with Pakistan?
A) 6
B) 7
C) 4
D) 5
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Which state of India has largest number of other states as its neighbour?
A) Uttar Pradesh
B) Telangana
C) Assam
D) Chhattisgarh
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Which is the longest tunnel (consider both rail and road tunnels) in India?
A) Karbude Tunnel
B) Jawahar Tunnel
C) Chenani-Nashri Tunnel
D) Rohtang Tunnel
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'Gulf of Mannar' is situated along which of the following coast?
A) Malabar Coast
B) Coromandal Coast
C) Konkan Coast
D) Utkal Coast Pradesh
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Which mountain range is considered as the traditional boundry between north and south India?
A) Eastern Ghat
B) Vindhya Range
C) Great Himalayas
D) Aravali Range
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Andaman & Nicobar Islands is the group of how many islands?
A) 2
B) 23
C) 349
D) 297
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Which Indian state has largest proportion of Christians to the total population of that state?
A) Odisha
B) Kerala
C) Goa
D) Mizoram
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Which Indian state has the border with maximum number of countries?
A) Arunachal Pradesh
B) West Bengal
C) Uttar Pradesh
D) Mizoram
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Which Indian state has the longest coastline?
A) Tamilnadu
B) Gujarat
C) Andra Pradesh
D) Kerala
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What is the name of only diamond mine of India which is currently in operation?
A) Panna
B) Kollur
C) Bunder
D) Raniganj
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Which is the longest river of India?
A) Ganga
B) Godavari
C) Satluj
D) Brahmputra
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Which of the following state capitals serve as the capital of two states?
A) Thiruvananthapuram
B) Patna
C) Hyderabad
D) Bangalore
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