Bathinda District (ਬਠਿੰਡਾ)

Bathinda is one of the 22 districts of Punjab. The head quarter of this district is the city of same name, that is Bathinda city. It is the biggest Railway Junction of India. It is also known for the first thermal plant of Punjab. District Bathinda has many historic places including Talwand Sabo known for Takhat Sri Damdama Sahib. According to population, this is the 10th largest district of Punjab. Takhat Sri Damdama Sahib

History of Bathinda

The ancient Sanskrit name of Bathinda was Vikramgarh. According to one belief, it is said that during the rule of Bhatti Rajputs, it was named as "Bhatti Da" (literally meaning "Of Bhatties"). The Bathinda district came into existence on 20th August 1948 when PEPSU state was formed.

Geographical position of Bathinda

Bathinda District has its boudries common with district Moga in north, Sirsa (Haryana) in South-east, Muktsar in West, Barnala in north-west and Mansa in south-east. The administrative headquarter of the district, Bathinda city, is the largest railway junction of Asia and different railway lines connect with the national capital Dehli, Firozpur, Fazilka, Ambala, Hisar, Bikaner and Sri Ganganagar.


According to 2011 census, the total population of Bathinda district is 1388525. It was 1183295 in 2001.

Towns and Cities In Bathinda

There are total 21 cities and towns in this district. A list of towns and cities is given below:
  1. Bathinda (Municipal Corporation)
  2. Bhucho Mandi (Municipal Council Class-2)
  3. Goniana (Municipal Council Class-2)
  4. Maur (Municipal Council Class-2)
  5. Ramaan (Municipal Council Class-2)
  6. Rampura Phul (Municipal Council Class-2)
  7. Kotfatta (Municipal Council Class-3)
  8. Sangat (Municipal Council Class-3)
  9. Balian Wali (Nagar Panchayat)
  10. Bhagta Bhaika (Nagar Panchayat)
  11. Bhai Rupa (Nagar Panchayat)
  12. Chauke (Nagar Panchayat)
  13. Kot Shamir (Nagar Panchayat)
  14. Kotha Guru (Nagar Panchayat)
  15. Lehra Mohabat (Nagar Panchayat)
  16. Maluka (Nagar Panchayat)
  17. Mandi Kalan (Nagar Panchayat)
  18. Mehraj (Nagar Panchayat)
  19. Nathana (Nagar Panchayat)
  20. Rampura (Nagar Panchayat)
  21. Talwandi Sabo (Nagar Panchayat)
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Tehsils and Sub-Tehsils

Bathinda district has four tehsils and five sub-tehsils. List of tehsils of Bathinda is given below:
  1. Bathinda
  2. Rampura Phul
  3. Talwandi Sabo
  4. Maur
List of Sub-Tehsils of Bathinda:
  1. Balian Wali
  2. Bhagta Bhaika
  3. Goniana
  4. Nathana
  5. Sangat

Assembly Constituencies in Bathinda

There are total 6 constituencies in district Bathinda.
  1. Bathinda
  2. Bathinda Rural
  3. Bhucho Mandi
  4. Maur
  5. Rampura Phul
  6. Talwandi Sabo

Blocks of Distrcit Bathinda

The district is divided into 9 development blocks. The list of blocks is given below:
  1. Bathinda
  2. Bhagta Bhaika
  3. Goniana Mandi
  4. Maur
  5. Nathana
  6. Phul
  7. Rampura
  8. Sangat
  9. Talwandi Sabo

MLA from Bathinda

In last assembly elections held in 2012, out of total 6 assembly seats in Bathinda, SAD won 4 seats and 2 seats were won by Congress party. The list of MLAs from Bathinda elected in 2012 elections is given below:
  1. Sikandar Singh Maluka elected from Rampura Phul.
  2. Ajaib Singh Bhatti elected from Bhuchcho Mandi.
  3. Sarup Chan Singla elected from Bathinda.
  4. Darshan Singh Kot Fatta elected from Bathinda Rural.
  5. Jeet Mohinder Singh Sidhu elected from Talwandi Sabo.
  6. Janmeja Singh Sekhon elected from Maur.
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Market Committees in Bathinda ਬਠਿੰਡਾ

There are total nine market committees in Bathinda district.
  1. Bathinda
  2. Bhagta Bhaika
  3. Bhucho Mandi
  4. Goniana
  5. Maur
  6. Raman
  7. Rampura Phul
  8. Sangat
  9. Talwandi Sabo