Punjab Railway Map and Railway Routes In Punjab

On this page, we are presenting you a list of Railway Routes In Punjab and a list of major railway stations in Punjab. If you are looking for a complete list of railway stations in Punjab, check this page - Railway Stations In Punjab.
In terms of route kilometers, the total length of railway lines in Punjab is 2269 K.M. The major railway routes in Punjab are Amritsar - New Delhi and Bathinda - Bikaner. Another important railway route is from Amritsar to Atari. Although this route is only about 24 Kms, but it is of high importance because Atari is the last railway station of India on Amritsar - Lahore (Pakistan) railway line. Soon we will update this page with a railway map of Punjab.

List of Major Railway Stations in Punjab

The railway stations in India are classified into A1, A, B, C categories etc. according to passenger earnings. There are around 400 railway stations listed in A1 and A category in the whole country. There are total 13 stations of Punjab in this list. Amritsar and Ludhiana are only stations of Punjab in the A-1 category and 11 stations are in the A category list. Interestingly, eight out of these thirteen railway stations are on the Amritsar - New Delhi rail link. The list of these major railway stations of the state is given below. The total number of trains (approximate daily figures) from each of these stations is also given in the below table. The total includes the trains that stop, originate or terminate at the given station in both up and down directions.
StationDistrictCategoryNumber of Trains
Amritsar (ASR)AmritsarA-1146
Ludhiana (LDH)LudhianaA-1251
Bathinda Jn.(BTI)BathindaA88
Beas (BEAS)AmritsarA118
Pathankot Cantt (PTKC)PathankotA100
Firozpur Cantt (FZR)FirozpurA70
Jalandhar Cantt (JRC)JalandharA150
Jalandhar City (JUC)JalandharA167
Pathankot (PTK)PathankotA59
Patiala (PTA)PatialaA26
Phagwara (PGW)KapurthalaA97
Rajpura Jn. (RPJ)PatialaA92
Sirhind Jn. (SIR)Fatehgarh SahibA70

Railway Routes In Punjab

A complete list of railway routes in Punjab is given below:

  • Ludhiana - Chandigarh
    Ludhiana-Chandigarh railway line became operational with the construction of Sahnewal-New Morinda section. Sahnewal is 15 kms from Ludhiana on Ludhiana - Ambala line. Then it is made to run along the Ludhiana Chandigarh road and the first station on this route is Lall Kalan (near Neelon) at a distance of 29 kms from Ludhiana. Other stations on this route are Samrala (37 kms), Khamanon (51 kms), New Morinda (68 kms), Kharar (85 kms) and SAS Nagar Mohali (101 kms). Chandigarh is 112 kms from Ludhiana.
    Trains from Amritsar to Chandigarh run upto Ludhiana on the Amritsar - New Delhi railway line and then on Ludhiana-Chandigarh railway line.
  • Amritsar – Atari
    Atari is the last railway station of India on Amritsar-Lahore (Pakistan) railway line. On this line, Atari is abouut 24 Kms from Amritsar. There are two stations on the way namely Chheharta and Khasa, which are 6 kms and 12 kms respectively from Amritsar.
  • Amritsar - Derababa Nanak
    This route connects Amritsar to Dera Baba Nanak on the bank of Ravi. It is 54 kms from Amritsar. Majitha is 19 kms from Amritsar on this route. Following are the Railway Stations between Amritsar and Dera Baba Nanak with their distance from Amritsar given in brackets - Verka (8 kms), Majitha (19 kms), Kotla Gujran (26 kms), Fatehgarh Churian (31 kms), Hardorawal (37 kms), Ramdas (42 kms), Ratar Chattar (48 kms).
  • Amritsar - Khem Karan
    About 78 kms long Amritsar - Khem Karan railway route runs through Tarn Taran (district headquarter) and Patti. Railway Stations on this route are Bhagtanwala (5 Kms), Sangrana Sahib (10 Kms), Gohlwar Varpal (14 kms), Dukhnawaran (18 kms), Tarn Taran (23 kms), Rure Asal (27 kms), Jandoke (33 kms), Kairon (39 kms), Patti (45 kms), Boparai (53 kms), Gharyala (58 kms), Valtoha (65 kms), Rattoke Gudwara (69 kms). Figures in brackets denote distance form Amritsar.
  • Amritsar – Pathankot
    Amritsar – Pathankot route runs through Batala and Gurdaspur. Distance of stations from Amritsar is given in brackets after the name of station. Verka (9 kms), Kathunangal (19 kms), Jaintipura (29 kms), Batala (39 kms), Chhina (50 kms), Dhariwal (57 kms), Sohal (62 kms), Jhawar (66 kms), Gurdaspur (72 kms), Dina Nagar (83 kms), Parna Nand (88 kms), Jakolari (95 kms), Sarna (100 kms), Bharoli (104 km), Pathankot (107 kms).
  • Amritsar- New Delhi
    This is the most important, longest and the main railway route of Punjab. The route connects the three biggest cities of punjab viz. Amritsar, Jalandhar and Ludhiana with the capital of India. Most of other railway routes of Punjab splits from junctions on this line. On this route, Jalandhar is 79 kms and Ludhiana 136 kms from Amritsar. Sambhu, the last railway station of Punjab on this route is 221 kms from Amritsar. Ambala City, the first railway station of Haryana on this route, is only 10 kms from Sambhu. New Delhi is about 450 kms from Amritsar. Railway stations on this line upto Ambala are given below with there distance from Amritsar in brackets. Amritsar to Jalandhar section: Mananwala (10 kms), Jandiala (19 kms), Tangra (25 kms), Butari (32 kms), Baba Bakala (37 kms), Beas (42 kms), Dhilwan (46 kms), Hamira (58 kms), Kartarpur (64 kms), Sura Nussi (72 kms), Jalandhar City (79 kms). Jalandhar to Ludhiana section: Jalandhar Cantt. Junction (83 kms), Chiheru (92 kms), Phagwara Junction (100 kms), Goraya (110 kms), Bhatian (115 kms), Phillaur (122 kms), Ladhowal (127 kms), Ludhiana (136 kms). Ludhiana to Ambala section: Dhandari Kalan (143 kms), Sanehwal (151 kms), Doraha (158 kms), Chawapail (167 kms), Khanna (178 kms), Mandi Gobindgarh (186 kms), Sirhind (196 kms), Sadhoo Garh (204 kms), Sarai Banjara (212 kms), Rajpura Junction (221 kms), Sambhu (232 kms), Ambala City (242 kms), Ambala Cantt (249 kms).
  • Batala - Qadian
    This small route of about 20 kms splits from Amritsar – Pathankot route at Batala and connects Batala to Qadian.
  • Bathida – Delhi
    Delhi is about 300 kms from Bathinda. About 90 kms of this route passes through Punjab. On this route, stations of Punjab are Katar Singhwala (9 kms), Kot Fatteh (18 kms), Maisar Khana (25 kms), Maur (34 kms), Kotli Kalan (44 kms), Sadda Singhwala (46 kms), Mansa (52 kms), Narindarpura (61 kms), Budhlada (68 kms), Datewas (76 kms), Bareta (84 kms), Kahangarh (88.8kms). Jakhal, the first station of Haryana on this route, is 98 kms from Bathinda. Some stations between Jakhal and Delhi and there distances from Bathinda are given here. Tohana (110 kms), Narwana (136 kms), Jind (170 kms), Rohtak (227 kms), Delhi (297 kms).
  • Bathida – Sirsa - Rewari
    One railway line from Bathinda leads to Rewari. Last station of Punjab on this route is Ratangarh Kanakwal which is 34 kms from Bathinda. In the way comes Gahri Bhagi (14 kms), Shergarh (16 kms), Manwala Kot Bakhtu (19 kms), Bangi Nihalsingh (23 kms) and Raman (28 kms). Other main stations on this route are Sirsa (75.3kms), Hisar (157 kms), Bhiwani (217 kms) and Rewari (300 kms).
  • Bathinda - Ambala Cantt
    A railway line from Bathinda runs through Barnala, Dhuri, Patiala and joins the main Delhi Amritsar line at Rajpura which is 28 kms from Ambala Cantt. towards Ludhiana. The distance of stations from Bathinda is given in brackets after the names of stations. Bathinda Cantt. (10 kms), Bhuchchu (17 kms), Lehra Muhabbat (25 kms), Rampura Phul (32 kms), Jethuke (40 kms), Tapa (45 kms), Ghunas (51 kms), Hadiaya (58 kms), Barnala (64 kms), Sekha (74 kms), Alal (82 kms), Alal (82.1kms), Dhuri (95 kms), Kaulseri (102 kms), Chhintanwala (109 kms), Kakrala (116 kms), Nabha (122 kms), Dhablan (135 kms), Patiala Cantt. 143.4kms), Patiala (148 kms), Daun Kalan (156 kms), Kauli (162 kms), Rajpura (173 kms), Sambhu (184 kms), Ambala City (193 kms), Ambala Cantt. (201 kms)
  • Bathinda - Bikaner
    Only 30-35 kms of this route lies in Punjab. Pathrala the last railway station of Punjab on this route is 29 kms from Bathinda. Stations of Punjab on this route are Gursar Shnewala (9 kms), Sangat (17 kms), Bagwali (25 kms) and Pathrala (29 kms). Other important stations on this route are Mandi Dabwali (36 kms), Sangaria (66 kms), Hanumangarh (92 kms), Pili Bangan (117 kms), Suratgarh (142 kms), Biradhwal (160 kms), Mahajan (205 kms), Lunkaransar (245 kms), Dhirera (266.9kms), Lalgarh (320.3kms). Bikaner Railway Station is about 5 kms from Lalgarh.
  • Bathinda – Fazilka
    Bathida Fazilka railway route is same as Bathinda – Firozpur route upto Kot Kapura which is 43 kms from Bathinda. Then it diverts to Muktsar. Distance of stations from Bathinda on this route is given in brackets after the name of stations. Wanderjatana (52 kms), Bariwala (60 kms), Jhabelwali (66 kms), Charawan (68 kms), Muktsar (75 kms), Badhai Balamgarh (82 kms), Bhagsar (87 kms), Lakhewali (92 kms), Roranwala (100 kms), Chak Pakhewali (106 kms), Chak Banwala (110 kms), Fazilka (123 kms)
  • Bathinda - Firozpur
    This route connects Firozpur with Bathinda. It is also the route which connects Firozpur to Delhi thhough Bathida. Stations on this route are Goneana (12 kms), Chand Bhan (20 kms), Gangsar Jaitu (26 kms), Ajitgill Matta (31 kms), Romana Albel Singh (35 kms), Kot Kapura (43 kms), Giani Zail Singh Sandhwan (47 kms), Faridkot (56 kms), Pipli Pakhi K... (62 kms), Golehwala (69 kms), Kasu Begu (77 kms), Firozpur Cantt (88 kms)
  • Bathinda - Shri Ganganagar
    Another important route from Bathinda is from Bathinda to Shri Ganganagar. Stations on this route are Bahman Diwana (10 kms), Balluana (16 kms), Karamgarh Sardargarh Halt (20 kms), Daula Kot Bhai (24 kms), Giddarbaha (28 kms), Faqar Sar (37 kms), Malout (44 kms), Qubarwala (51 kms), Pakki (58 kms), Bahawal Basi (66 kms), Abohar (74 kms), Kilanwali Punjab (81 kms), Panj Kosi (87 kms) and Bakayanwala (93 kms) from Bathinda. Then it enters into Rajasthan and passing through Hindumalkote (99 kms from Bathinda) it reaches Shri Ganganagar by travelling a total of 127 kilometers.
  • Beas - Goindwal Sahib
    This railway line was made to connect the industrial focal point of Goindwal Sahib to the Amritsar – Delhi main line. It splits from main line at Beas about 42 kms from Amritsar. Distances from Beas of railway sations on this route are Bhalojala (13 kms), Saidpur Jalalabad (17 kms), Khadur Sahib (22 kms) and Goindwal Sahib (27 kms)
  • Firozpur - Fazilka - Shri Ganga Nagar
    Firozpur - Fazilka railway line has been extended upto Abohar which was on the Bathinda - Shri Ganga Nagar railway line. Thus the Firozpur – Fazilka route has been extended upto Shri Ganga Nagar. Distance of stations on this route is given in brackets Firozpur Cantt. – Fazilka Section: Firozpur City (3 kms), Khai Phemeki (12 kms), Dodh (20 kms), Jhoktahal Singh (26 kms), Kohar Singh Wala (32 kms), Guru Harsahai (38 kms), Jiwa Arain (47 kms), Jalalabad (56 kms), Jalalabad DAV College (61 kms), Bahminiwala (66 kms), Ladhuka (75 kms), Theh Qalandar (79 kms), Fazilka (88 kms) Fazilka - Abohar Section: Jandwala Kharta (96 kms), Khui Khera (105 kms), Ghallu (111 kms), Chuhriwala Dhanna (116 kms), Burj Mohar (122 kms), Abohar (131.2kms) Abohar - Shri Ganga Nagar Section: Kilanwali Pun... (139 kms), Panj Kosi (145 kms), Bakayanwala (151 kms), Kotha Pakki (155 kms), Hindumalkote (157 kms), Orki (164 kms), Fatuhi (169 kms), Mohanpura (178 kms), Shri Ganga Nagar (184 kms).
  • Jalandhar – Firozpur
    117 kms long route from Jalandhar City to Firozpur Cantt. passes through the district headquarter of Kapurthala and the historic town of Sultanpur Lodhi. Following are the names of Railway stations on this route with there distance from Jalandhar City given in brackets. D.A.V. College (3 kms), Khojewala (12 kms), Kapurthala (21 kms), Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory (27 kms), Husainpur (29 kms), Pajian (34 kms), Dudwindi (39 kms), Sultanpur Lodhi (46), Lohian Khas (52 kms), Gidarpindi (59 kms), Jogiwala (68 kms), Makhu (76 kms), Butewala (85 kms), Mallanwala (94 kms), Talli Saidasa... (97 kms), Mahalam (107 kms), Firozpur Cantt (117 kms)
  • Jalandhar - Hoshiarpur
    This 43 kms route connects Jalandhar with Hoshiarpur. Distance of stations from Jalandhar City are Jalandhar Cantt (5 kms), Bolinna Doaba (11 kms), Khurdpur (22 kms), Sham Chaurasi (28 kms), Nasrala (36 kms), Hoshiarpur (43 kms)
  • Jalandhar - Nakodar
    Nakodar is by rail connected to both Ludhiana and Jalandhar. Stations from Jalandhar City to Nakodar are Lyallpur Khalsa College (3 kms), Jamsher Khas (11 kms), Thabalke (18 kms), Shankar (25 kms), Nakodar (32 kms). Ludhiana is 48 kms from Nakodar.
  • Jalandhar – Nawan Shahr – Jaiton
    At Phagwara, 21 kms from Jalandhar towards Ludhiana, a line splits from Amritsar-Delhi main line which leads to Nawan Shahr which is 57 kms from Jalandhar City. Stations on the way are Jalandhar Cantt. (5 kms), Chiheru (13 kms), Phagwara (21 kms), Mandhali (27 kms), Kulthamabdull (29 kms), Bahram (35 kms), Malupota (41 kms), Banga (45 kms), Khatkar Kalan (47 kms), Kariha (51 kms), Nawanshahr Doaba (57 kms) From Nawan Shahr a line goes to Rahon about 7-8 kms form Nwan Shahr. Other line goes to Jaiton which is 32 kms from Nawan Shahr. Distances of other stations for Nawan Shahr are Garhshankar (13 kms), Satnaur Badeshan (18 kms), Saila Khurd (23 kms), Mahngarwal (27 kms), Jaiton Doaba (32 kms)
  • Jalandhar - Pathankot
    Pathankot is 117 kms from Jalandhar city. Distances of stations in the way from Jalandhar city are given with the name of the stations. Suchipind (4 kms), Alawalpur (13 kms), Kala Bakra (19 kms), Bhogpur Sirwal (28 kms), Cholang (35 kms), Tanda Urmar (41 kms), Khudda Korala (47 kms), Garna Sahib (53 kms), Dasuya (56 kms), Unchi Bassi (63 kms), Mukerian (73 kms), Bhangala (81 kms), Mirthal (91 kms), Ghiala (98 kms), Kandrori (102 kms), Chakki Bank (111 kms), Pathankot (117 kms)
  • Ludhiana – Dhuri - Jakhal
    A railway route form Ludhiana to Malerkotla, Dhuri leads to Jakhal of Haryana which is 129 kms from Ludhiana. This route goes upto Hisar which is 211 kms from Ludhiana. Stations of Punjab on this route are Gill (8 kms), Jassowal (16 kms), Kila Raipur (18 kms), Ahmadgarh (26 kms), Rohira Galughara (32 kms), Kup (36 kms), Malerkotla (46 kms), Himmatana (53 kms), Dhuri (62 kms), Bahadur Singh Wala... (71 kms), (kms), Sangrur (78 kms), Bharur (86 kms), Sunam (91 kms), Chhajli (101 kms), Govindgarh Khokar (106 kms), Lehra Gaga (112 kms) and Gurnay (118 kms)
  • Ludhiana - Firozpur
    The 124 kms long route of Ludhiana to Firozpur taken together with Firozpur-Fazilka-Abohar-Sri Ganagnagar route becomes 308 kms long route connecting Ludhiana to Sri Ganganagar. Stations between Ludhiana and Firozpur are Model Gram (3 kms), Baddowal (13.8 kms), Mullanpur (21 kms), Chaukiman (30 kms), Jagraon (39 kms), Nanaksar (44 kms), Ajitwal (53 kms), Parao Mahna (59 kms), Moga (69 kms), Dagru (81 kms), Maheshari (86 kms), Talwandi (92 kms), Sulhani (98 kms), Ferozeshah (106 kms), Dhindsa (110 kms), Saidanwala (115 kms), Firozpur Cantt (124 kms)
  • Ludhiana – Nakodar – Lohian Khas
    At Phillaur, 13 kms from Ludhiana towards Jalandhar a line splits from main line and leads to Lohian Khas passing through Nurmahal and Nakodar. Distances from Ludhiana on this route are Ladhowal (9 kms), Phillaur (13 kms), Partabpura (22 kms), Bilga (27 kms), Gumtali (30 kms), Nurmahal (33 kms), Sidhwan (35 kms), Nakodar (48 kms), Gahndran (53 kms), Malsian Shahkot (60 kms), Mulewal Khaira (65 kms), Sindhar (71 kms), Kang Khurd (74 kms), Lohian Khas (80 kms)
  • Sirhind - Chandigarh
    A 40-45 kms long line has been built to connect Chandigarh with main cities of Punjab like Amritsar, Jalandhar and Ludhiana. This line splits near Morinda from Sirhind – Nangal Dam line. The stations on this route with distances from Sihind are given here under. Fatehgarh Sahib (4 kms), Bassi Pathana (9 kms), Noganwan (16 kms), New Morinda (21 kms), Kharar (38 kms), SAS Nagar Mohali (54 kms), Chandigarh (65 kms)
  • Sirhind – Nangal Dam
    Sirhind is beween Ambala Cantt. and Ludhiana. About 60 kms from Ludhiana and 53 Kms from Ambala Cantt. From this station a line goes to Nangal Dam. Stations on this line are Fatehgarh Sahib (4 kms), Bassi Pathana (9 kms), Noganwan (16 kms), New Morinda (21 kms), Morinda (24 kms), Kurali (32 kms), Minapur (41 kms), Rupnagar (49 kms), Ghanauli (58 kms), Bharatgarh (67 kms), Kiratpur Sahib (76 kms), Anandpur Sahib (84 kms), Nangal Dam (104 kms) Figures in brackets are distance from Sirhind.