Industries In Punjab

In this page, we will discuss about the main type of industries in Punjab, which city is famous for which industry, sector wise contribution to GDP, some major industrial units etc. This page is not an industrial directory of Punjab and does not provide a list of factories. Instead, this page provides general information about the industrial scene of Punjab. If you are looking for a list of industrial units, then check the following website:
List of Industries in Punjab
The major industries in Punjab are:
  • Hosiery and Readymade Garments: Ludhiana city in Punjab is famous world over for hosiery and readymade garments industry. The hosiery items and readymade garments manufactured here are supplied throughout the country and also exported to many other countries. In India, this city is largest exporter of hosiery items. The top brand in woolen garments, Monte Carlo, is manufactured in Ludhiana by Oswal group.
  • Textile and Yarn Industry: Ludhiana is a hub of textile and yarn industry in Punjab. Vardhman group is the largest contributor in this category. Barnala city is also a major destination as Trident group, one of the largest textile manufacturer of India, has the manufacturing facilities based out of Barnala. Phagwara city is home to the JCT Fabrics.
  • Cycle and Cycle Parts: Hero Cycle, a renowned brand of India and largest manufacturer of bicycles in the world, is located in Ludhiana. Another well known brand Atlas Cycles is also based in Ludhiana. A large number of other cycle and cycle parts manufacturers are located in Ludhiana.
  • Sports Goods and Equipments: The most famous town of India for manufacturing of sporting goods is Jalandhar, which is located in Punjab. Many type of sporting goods like bats, footballs, badminton rackets, gym equipments and many other sporting goods are made in this city.
  • Sewing Machine Manufacturers: Another manin category of industry is manufacturing of sewing machine and parts. These machines are supplied throughout India and exported to other countries which includes mainly Pakistan, Sri Lanka and guld countries.
  • Auto Parts Manufacturers: Auto parts is the other major export item of Punjab. GNA group, based in Phagwara, is a well known brand. Ludhiana, Goraya and Phagwara are main centers in this category.
  • Diesel Engine and Diesel Engine Parts: Ludhiana and Phagwara are the main cities where a large number of diesel engine parts manufacturers are situated.
  • Hand Tools and Machine Tools: Jalandhar and Ludhiana are the main centers of hand tools and machine tools industries.
  • Steel Rolling Mills and Induction Furnaces: Mandi Gobindgarh is the main center of India for steel rolling mills and induction furnaces.
  • Information Technology - Mohali is the information technology center of Punjab. It is no way comparable to IT hubs like Bangalore, Gurgaon etc., but still a large number of small IT/Software companies are working in this city. Some of the biggest IT companies of Mohali are TATA Business Support Services, IFS, SmartDate, IDS and Seasia.

Punjab is a developed state in terms of industry and many different type of industries are located in the state. The state has a very good infrastructure and environment for industry like wide network of national/state highways, rail network, availability of electricity, skilled and hard working labour and support from the government. All these factors alongwith entrepreneurial spirit of the Punjabis lead to the development of of industry in the state and it made its position on the industrial map of the country.
The largest industrial towns of Punjab are Ludhiana, Amritsar and Jalandhar. These are the top 3 cities of Punjab in terms of population. The main reason of development of these cities as industrial hubs is that these are located on the National Highway 1 (NH-1) and also on the Amritsar - New Delhi railway line, which provides easy connectivity with the national capital New Delhi and other parts of the country. The other main towns, where industry has developed, are - Mohali, Patiala, Mandi Gobindgarh, Batala, Phagwara and Malerkotla. Hoshiarpur and Kapurthala are also known on the industrial map of Punjab due to few but very large manufacturing units in these cities. Here we provide some information about the main towns:
Which city of Punjab is famous for which type of industry?
Hosiery and Readymade GarmentsLudhiana
Textile and Yarn IndustryLudhiana
Cycle and Cycle PartsLudhiana
Sewing Machine ManufacturersLudhiana
Sports GoodsJalandhar
Sanitary FittingsJalandhar
Leather and Rubber IndustryJalandhar
Packing Material and MachineryAmritsar
Textile PrintingAmritsar
Printing IndustryJalandhar
Information TechnologyMohali
Diesel Engine and PartsPhagwara, Ludhiana
Steel Rolling MillsMandi Gobindgarh
Combine HarvesterBhadson (Patiala)
Some Questions that people generally ask:
Q- Which city in Punjab is famous for Industry?
In Punjab, Ludhiana is the most famous city for Industry. A number of famous companies like Hero Cycle, Avon Cycle, Vardhman Woolen Mills, Oswal Group etc. are based in Ludhiana. Jalandhar, Amritsar and Patiala are other famous cities for manufacturing industry. The city of Mohali (S.A.S. Nagar) is famous for IT industry.

Ludhiana is famous for which industry?
Ludhiana is mainly famous for hosiery industry and cycle parts manufacturing industry. Ludhiana is amongst the top cities in India in terms of exporting hosiery clothes. The city is also famous for cycle parts manufacturing and number of top cycle brands in India like Hero Cycle, Avon Cycle etc. are based out of Ludhiana.

Jalandhar is famous for which industry? The Jalandhar city in Punjab is most famous for the manufacturing of sports goods. Many sports items like footballs, cricket bats are exported world over. The city is also famous for leather industry, hand tools manufacturing and rubber industry (like hawai chappal).