Kapurthala District (ਕਪੂਰਥਲਾ)

Kapurthala is one of the 22 districts of Punjab. The head quarter of this district is the city of same name, that is Kapurthala city. According to population, its rank is 15 out of the 22 districts of Punjab.

History of Kapurthala

Kapurthala was a state ruled by Ahluwalias. It is believed that the city town Kapurthala was founded in 11th century by one Rana Kapur who came from Jaisalmer. Kapurthala means ‘the land of Kapur’. It is clear it have got its name from its founder Kapur Khan. Kapurhtala was made a district when Pepsu state was formed in 1948.

Geographical position of Kapurthala

Beas river makes its some part of its boundary in the north and whole in the East.. It separates it from district Gurdaspur in the north and Amritsar and Tarn Taran in the in the West. River Satlej separates it from district Firozpur in the south.Jalandhar is in the east of Kapurthala district and Hoshiarpur is in the North-West. It may look starange that tehsil Phagwara of this district is geographically not connected with rest of the district. It is sarounded by district Jalandhar, Nawan Shahr and Hoshiarpur.
The district headquarter of Kapurthala is the city of the same name. It is by rail and road connected to Jalandhar from which it is at a distance of 23 kms.


According to 2011 census, the total population of Kapurthala district is 815168. It was 754521 in 2001.

Towns and Cities In Kapurthala

There are total 7 cities and towns in this district. A list of towns and cities is given below:
  1. Phagwara (Municipal Corporation)
  2. Kapurthala (Municipal Council Class-1)
  3. Sultanpur Lodhi (Municipal Council Class-2)
  4. Begowal (Nagar Panchayat)
  5. Bhulath (Nagar Panchayat)
  6. Dhilwan (Nagar Panchayat)
  7. Nadala (Nagar Panchayat)
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Tehsils and Sub-Tehsils

Kapurthala district has four tehsils and two sub-tehsils. List of tehsils of Kapurthala is given below:
  1. Bhulath ਭੁਲੱਥ
  2. Kapurthala ਕਪੂਰਥਲਾ
  3. Phagwara ਫਗਵਾੜਾ
  4. Sultanpur Lodhi ਸੁਲਤਾਨਪੁਰ ਲੋਧੀ
List of Sub-Tehsils of Kapurthala:
  1. Dhilwan ਢਿੱਲਵਾਂ
  2. Talwandi Chaudhrian ਤਲਵੰਡੀ ਚੌਧਰੀਆਂ

Vidhan Sabha Constituencies in Kapurthala

There are total 4 assembly constituencies in district Kapurthala.
  1. Bhulath ਭੁਲੱਥ
  2. Kapurthala ਕਪੂਰਥਲਾ
  3. Phagwara ਫਗਵਾੜਾ
  4. Sultanpur Lodhi ਸੁਲਤਾਨਪੁਰ ਲੋਧੀ

Blocks of Distrcit Kapurthala

The villages of the district are divided into 5 development blocks. The list of blocks is given below:
  1. Dhilwan ਢਿੱਲਵਾਂ
  2. Kapurthala ਕਪੂਰਥਲਾ
  3. Nadala ਨਡਾਲਾ
  4. Phagwara ਫਗਵਾੜਾ
  5. Sultanpur Lodhi ਸੁਲਤਾਨਪੁਰ ਲੋਧੀ

MLA from Kapurthala

During the last assembly elections held in 2012, out of the 4 MLAs from the district, one belong to Shiromani Akali Dal, 1 is from BJP and 2 MLAs are from Congress. The list of MLAs from Kapurthala elected in 2012 elections is given below:
  1. Jagir Kaur elected from Bhulath. She belongs to SAD.
  2. Rana Gurjit Singh of Congress was elected from Kapurthala.
  3. Som Parkash of BJP was elected from Phagwara.
  4. Navtej Singh Cheema elected from Sultanpur Lodhi. He belongs to Congress.
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Market Committees in Kapurthala

There are total five market committees in Kapurthala district.
  1. Bhulath
  2. Dhilwan
  3. Kapurthala
  4. Phagwara
  5. Sultanpur Lodhi